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Beverage Development Services

BevNology is a specialist Beverage Consulting and New Product Design firm with beverage industry experts and vast beverage experience.  Our team and our network of beverage specialists will help you get the right beverage product, the right beverage package, the right manufacturing, the right cost and the right sales and launch strategies. Beverage Design, Beverage Development, Beverage Consulting.

Beverage Formulations​

Our beverage design process keys in on consumer insights combined with the vision of the entrepreneur to “delight” people as they discover the layers of benefits from our designs.

Beverage Supply Chain

We want to see a smooth transition from beverage design & beverage development to beverage supply chain that will liberate value as scale develops. This never happens by “accident”; it is a very deliberate process that requires deep beverage industry and beverage supplier knowledge.

International Expansion

BevNology consultants have had the honor of living and working in many overseas International locations. Thus, we specialize in understanding the opportunities and the complications with Internationalizing a domestic beverage business. We specialize in beverage development & beverage and supply chain design.

Beverage Manufacturing Processes​

The beverage manufacturing processes result from an interplay between the idealized product and the realities of co-packer capabilities.  Our team will help you find and evaluate co-packers, define factory-specific production procedures and implement beverage production quality control procedures. Our beverage designs always anticipate the production and supply realities.

Beverage Launch Strategy

Every new beverage idea inevitably faces the key question; “how do I locate and activate the people that will love my beverage design?”  The options are numerous, overwhelming and fraught with pitfalls. Let us provide you the benefits of our knowledge and experience with; segmentation of the market, prioritizing retailers, developing sampling plans and developing effective promotions that will improve your chances to reach and activate your key future buyers.

Innovation Processes

We help companies find their voice for beverage innovation by tracking down and adjusting the underlying obstacles that undermine their efforts. Our beverage development experts focus on reframing the lens through which executives view the capabilities of their staff permitting them to see the inherent creativity of their team and allowing the great ideas to surface and flourish. We can help you see your new beverage design.


BevNology consultants have preferred access to the best Food Law expertise specializing in the Beverage Industry. We can review your claims, your labels and your ingredient declarations leading to specific guidance for how to either comply with the clear regulatory environment or to reduce the risk of a regulatory response when the laws are not as clear. We can establish quality programs to assure a consistent specified consumer product with the security of a recall program and ingredient traceability.

Distributor Management

Locating and motivating your distribution and sales support team will be the key to success with your beverage business. All distributors are NOT created equally, so finding the distributor that can reach your key consumer is critical. Also, providing the distributors sales staff with the tools, incentives, strategies and techniques will drive the actions and reinforce the motivation to sell effectively. Let us provide you the benefit of our experience in developing channel plans that will help you manage your distribution and sales partner.

Business Planning

The key second step in getting your idea off the ground is in impressing a potential investor, bank or other source of funds needed to get started. The best way to do that is to present a combination of confidence and knowledge in your understanding of the market, strategies, buyers and industry structure. Let us help you with insider knowledge of supply chain costs, beverage manufacturing costs, distribution costs /channels and marketing/sales strategies that work. Our beverage designs & beverage developments feed
your plan.

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