Custom Drink Formulation Process

Soft Drinks & Carbonates

Colas & Fruit Flavors
Malt Beverages
Herbals Beverages

Carbonated soft drinks take many forms, from the big colas to the fruity refreshers and to the burgeoning malt beverage forms. Whatever your imagination can conceive, give us a call. You may find we have direct experience from somewhere in the world with a your idea. If not, you  will find that we don't intimidate easily by a new beverage design challenge.

Juice & Juice Beverages

Fresh & Shelf Stable juice & juice drinks, Smoothies
Vegetable juices
Syrups, drops and cordials

Juice and juice drinks are currently undergoing a renaissance with new nutritional benefits and an explosive category of high quality fresh juices, smoothies and hybrid fruit/vegetable combinations. Let us help you with your beverage development and beverage production needs.

Energy Drinks 

Energy  Drinks
Energy Shots

Energy drinks will evolve as entrepreneurs look for the sweet spot between performance and regulatory actions. We have direct experience with all formats on the markets across the world today. Our beverage consultants will guide you to the right beverage design and the right beverage development.

Dairy / Soy & Other

Dairy Smoothies
Protein Beverages

The dairy category is in the  early stages of beverage development that will ultimately resemble something similar to that of juices and juice drinks.  Creative entrepreneurs are finding ways to add additional values to the inherent value of milk and soy beverages and are now only scratching the surface.  This will be a hot area for beverage development in the coming years

Natural Beverages

All Natural Soda's
Naturally Fermented Soda's
Naturally Fermented tea's and fruits
Herbal and botanicals

Natural beverages continue to be an important source of creative energy around the world, from fruity/herbal waters, to fermented juices and teas, to the fusion between alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. This category will likely be the source of the next very big new idea as soon as someone finds the secret sauce that can attribute the greatest connectedness to the users. High risk, high reward! Exciting beverage design options.

Coffee & Tea

Roasting and Bean selection
Tea styles and leaf cut Ready to Drink Coffee & Tea Bottled & flavored Iced Tea's

Coffee and Tea will continue to be an important source of innovation in the industry due to the deep cultural routines and symbolic uses across the globe that project automatic value to new brands and products. Creators will continue to strive to harness that value and assemble it into new and exciting beverage designs.

Sports Beverages

Sports Performance
Vitamin & mineral supplementation

Sports and nutrition science continues to liberate insights for opportunities to improve the quality of life for people around the world. There is no reason to believe that there will be a fundamental slow-down in the science, especially given the challenge of global obesity, so BevNology will continue to develop alliances into the scientific community that will be fruitful to our clients.

Functional & New Age

Nutritional (Nutraceutical) Beverages
Meal Replacement Beverages

Nutritional Beverages, Meal Replacements Beverages
New functional raw materials are being discovered everyday and being applied in ways beverage entrepreneurs believe will give their users the best chance to gain access to those functional attributes. This will remain a hot area for creative beverage designs and disciplined beverage developments.


Mineralized water Beverages
Vitamin fortified waters
Fruit fortified waters

Entrepreneurs continue to search for the magic sauce for how to credibly add value sufficient for investment in brand creation within the waters category. The green movement will have a major and lasting impact on this category. Beverage designers are merging categories in interesting and surprising ways. Finding a perfect integration between package, beverage and delivery model is the key.

Alcoholic Beverages

Cordials, Liquers, Coolers

Alcoholic beverages fuel the industry with excitement and creativity. Translating that on-premise energy and activity into commercial beverage ideas that retain some of the intrigue is and will remain the challenge for beverage developments / beverage designers.

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